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Power Flow 90

Using Baron Baptiste’s signature Journey Into Power sequence, this 90-minute flow includes the five essential categories of asana: standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twists and inversions. This is an all-level and accessible style of yoga with variations for modifications, challenges, emphasis and themes. Teachers lead the classes with the intention that every student builds a strong foundation AND discovers new possibilities to shine their light!
This class is heated to 90-degrees.  

Power 60

A 60-minute all-levels empowering class focusing on a dynamic, heat building flow emphasizing breath, strength and stability. Rooted in the Journey Into Power sequence, with variations for modifications, challenges, emphasis and themes. You will be encouraged to get curious about your practice and try on new ways of looking at familiar poses. 
This class is heated to 90-degrees.

Power Beats

This class offers a unique exploration on the mat featuring fun playlists designed to uplift and invigorate, supporting your poses and generating energy from Ujjayi to Savasana. Each class has its own personality and flavor, promising  to leave you rinsed, detoxed and fully energized.
This class is heated to 90-degrees.

Slow Flow

A cooler and slower paced class features slower transitions, deeper stretching, hip-opening and restorative poses that increase flexibility and create ease. The gentler nature of this class is great for beginners and also wonderful for intermediate students who want to slow it down and sink deeper into their practice. This class is heated to 80-degrees.


Yin-Yang is a half slow, meditative class and half bright, energetic vinyasa class. This class provides the perfect balance of stretching, stressing connective tissues, strengthening and cardio for students of all levels. This class slowly heats up to 85-degrees.


Yin is a floor-based class which releases the flow of energy around the body. By relaxing our muscles and holding poses for 2-5 minutes, we target deep connective tissues and can, over time, improve our mobility and flexibility. This is an all-levels class where teachers will guide students safely and
thoughtfully through poses and meditation.
This class is not heated.