What is Journey Into Power?

At Eclipse Power Yoga, we use Baron Baptiste’s Journey into Power sequence, a power vinyasa style that is practiced in a heated room. Some of our classes will follow this sequence exactly while others borrow from its core and expand into different variations.

Is a Heated Practice for Me?

We welcome everyone at any level of experience. We promise a challenging class and while we ask you to embrace that, we also want you to listen to your body and take modifications if needed.

How Hot is the Studio?

All Power Classes are heated to 90 degrees.

All Slow Flow Classes are heated to 82 degrees.

All Yin Classes are heated to room temperature.

How Long are the Classes?

We offer 60, 75, and 90-minute classes.

What if I'm Not Very Flexible?

Everybody comes to the mat at a different level and every pose can be modified, adapted or adjusted.

When and How Should I Hydrate?

We recommend drinking water with electrolytes before, during and after class. Bring your own bottle (no glass, please) and fill it from our filtered water fountain. 

Do I Need to Bring my Own Mat & Props?

You are welcome to bring your own mat. We also have mats to rent, with blocks, straps, and blankets provided in the practice room. 

Do You Have Towels?

We rent mat and hand towels, or you can purchase a Manduka Yogitoes yoga mat towel. 

What Should I Wear to Class?

We recommend moisture-wicking attire that fits close to the body and is easy to move in. We do not suggest loose clothing (i.e. oversized t-shirts or sweat pants) as it can become uncomfortable when you sweat. 

Should I Eat Before Class?

You know your body best. Proper hydration and fuel are important for a strong practice so we like to have a small snack 1-2 hours before class.

Do You Offer Any Discounts?

We offer discounts to all current and former military, police, fire and emergency service personnel and public school teachers.

How Do I Book a Class?

Search for us on the MINDBODY App or click here.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Should you be unable to attend a class you've signed up for, please cancel your reservation with as much notice as possible. You may do this up to 10 minutes before class begins without penalty. Late cancelations/no shows will be charged as if you were present at the class.