Instructor team

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Erin Heyamoto - Co-Owner

RYT - 200

Erin began her journey on the yoga mat in 2007 after taking her first heated Power Vinyasa class. After just one class, she knew this practice was going to change the course of her life. Her yoga mat serves as her space of grace where she can go time and again to feel peace, strength, vulnerability and kindness.  By showing up for herself on the mat, she is able to show up for up and be great for others. 

Erin completed her trainings with both Baron Baptiste and Paige Elenson of the Baptiste Institute, including Level One, Level Two and Art of Assisting. Baptiste Yoga changed Erin's perspective on life, and she loves sharing the teachings and methodologies with her students. 

Bringing her whole heart to her leadership style, Erin is passionate about seeing others thrive on and off the mat, and living life to its fullest. As a leader in the Spokane community Erin believes together we can make this world a better place. Together we shine. 

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Scott Heyamoto - Co-Owner

RYT - 200

Scott started practicing yoga 5 years ago as a form of stress relief and a way to be in a quiet room to reflect and grow to be a better person. What started as a hobby quickly became a passion due to the relationships that he formed within the yoga community. Scott has attended multiple Baptiste Institute trainings including Level One, Art of Assisting, and Being of Power. Through the practice of Baptiste yoga, meditation and self-inquiry, Scott became more mindful in how he showed up empowered in his life and how he showed up for others. Scott is excited to bring Baptiste yoga to the community of Spokane. 

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Taylor Jaderquist

E-RYT 200

Taylor experiences life through her passions and relationships. Her biggest passions are art & yoga. Taylor recently earned her MFA in Arts Leadership at Seattle University where she studied how yoga & mindfulness can expand one's creativity. Taylor is excited about helping others tap into the energy and creativity of life. Yoga and art are powerful forces that allow us to feel the vitality of being human. Both yoga and art are forums to explore the duality of experience – with the power to simultaneously ground and open us, calm and invigorate us. In her yoga classes students move through mindful sequences that encourages people to discover and embody their meditative and creative states of being. She hopes every student leaves class feeling more connected in mind, body, and spirit.

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Lisa Silvestri

RYT - 200

Lisa Silvestri used to hold her breath. It made sense when she was a springboard diver on the US National Team, but her yoga practice has taught her that life above water is much easier when you breathe. A graduate of Deborah Williamson’s 200-Hour Power Yoga Teacher Training, Lisa delivers a dynamic and playful yoga class that will get you breathing, flowing, laughing, and sweating. She’s also certified in hands-on assists and will help you access your deepest pose and fullest expression. So be prepared for a challenge and don’t hold your breath!

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Lara James

RYT - 200

Lara is a mom first and foremost but also a singer, songwriter and recording artist. She came to yoga sick and broken down and soon started to see changes. She found many other benefits to yoga, including the peace she finds on her mat as well as increased athletic abilities in her other workouts. After experiencing all these benefits, she wanted to share this beautiful thing that has brought so much to her life. Lara has a passion to help others find the healing and balance that yoga has to offer. 

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Jocelyn Ribar

RYT - 200

I began my yoga journey at my alma-mater, where I fell in love with how the practice made me feel, both physically and mentally. I chose to complete my 200-hour yoga teacher training at Lila Yoga. I began teaching classes in Fairbanks, AK at Heart Stream Yoga, and was soon hired by The Union Studios as part of their first ever yoga team when I moved back to Spokane in 2013. I became an adjunct faculty member at Gonzaga University, guiding the undergraduate students through their physical education program. I have spread my love and knowledge of yoga to a variety of groups, including many collegiate athletic teams, women's retreats, and large groups in the community.
With the balance of owning my own practice and guiding yoga practices in a variety of settings, I have found a perfect balance of self care and job love. I have blended both of my careers in a way where each is inspired by the other. My yoga practices involve not only a solid, physical focus, but a mindfulness piece that has proven to be far superior to any primarily physical body focused workout. My yoga classes leave practitioners with an energized body, calm mind, and a new sense of self worth and strength.

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Stephanie Flora

RYT - 200

Before I started my yoga teacher training, I thought it would result in me doing fancy advanced postures but in fact, it led me back to something my Dad has always told me: "Enjoy the journey, don't spend your life waiting for the destination." Yoga continues to help solidify that teaching for me--- inviting me into the present moment with grace and surrender. 
In class, you can expect a grounding yet flowing sequence. I seek to offer modifications to help people tune into their bodies and what they need at that moment. I believe working for and with the body can help facilitate body trust and respect. 
I had the privilege of completing Synergy Yoga's Teacher Training. Thank you to my primary teachers Jodi Boone and Tami Hafzalla. Deep gratitude to you both. 
When I'm not practicing yoga, I am busy being my 2-year old daughter's #1 playmate and working as a non-diet dietitian helping people make peace with food and body. 

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Abigail Messegee

RYT - 200

Abigail believes yoga is an embodiment practice – connecting breath, body and spirit. As a yoga instructor, she guides others through the journey of yoga in their own every day life.

Abigail began practicing yoga in college after a heart condition pushed her into early retirement from competing as a collegiate swimmer. Yoga became not only a physical outlet but a spiritual channel which allowed her to connect with her breath and energy in a whole new way. Being that her background and passion is in Ayurveda, she incorporates the awareness of this into each class. Ayurveda has the power to bring a tangible connection to the natural world every day. Allowing us to get in touch with the five doshas—air, ether, fire, water and earth—creates an awareness like no other. One with self, season, time and more. Abigail’s classes are accessible to all and she allows space for freedom in your practice.

Your body is your first teacher in every class, listen to it!

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Lili Klein - RYT 200

Lili first came to yoga with the intention of finding a healthier, fitter lifestyle. In addition, she found a practice that helped her feel more centered, authentic, and free, on and off her mat.

Lili took her first yoga class in 2006 and by 2011 had embarked on a regular practice and lifelong journey. That journey would

lead her to explore several styles within the hot hatha lineage including Bikram yoga and eventually landing at a Baptiste studio where she became inspired to share this transformative practice with others as a teacher. Lili is a RYT 200 after receiving her training from Rhea Slichter in 2019. Lili’s classes offer exploration within the Power Vinyasa framework, connecting breath with movement, body with mind. Yoga is the ultimate self-care modality! Lili teaches yoga to empower people to serve their families, friends, and communities by first serving themselves.

As a busy mom of two preschoolers, Lili knows the value and importance of taking an hour or two to recharge and refocus. Her goal is to provide a safe and challenging place for students of all abilities to flow

and play and find their bliss--that feeling of being energized but also relaxed. Stronger and softer. Bolder and still more vulnerable.

The lessons we learn and strengths we cultivate on our mat have the power to directly impact, inform, and TRANSFORM our lives!